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The Fractal Planner F.A.Q.



How does the Fractal Planner help eliminate stress?

The Fractal Planner allows you to get things out of your head, and into your plan, so you can focus and be productive. And, because it's intuitive interface allows you to break down your plans as fast as you think, it doesn't add frustration as you break down your plans.

How does the Fractal Planner help eliminate distraction?

The Fractal Planner allows you to focus only on what you need to to get the job at hand done.
  • The 'Zoom in and out' functionality allows you to view only what you need to. If you need more context, zoom out. If you need more focus, zoom in.
  • The '3-list structure' allows you to focus. Put the items you are working on now on your 'to do list' with a click. Put items you may or may not get to on your 'maybe later list', so it's out of view. It's easy to get distracting items and projects out of your master plan, because you know it's still there if you need it.

How Does The Fractal Planner Simplify Personal Productivity?

The Fractal Planner allows you to follow just one very simple rule in your day-to-day work:
  • Do stuff, and mark it off.
And this rule has just two exceptions:
  1. If you're unclear about how to proceed, break your tasks down further, or rearrange your plan to get clarity.
  2. If you've got too many things going through your head or inbox, get it out of your head and into your plan.
That's it! Any system (Getting Things Done, Franklin/Covey, Wake Up Productive) can be effectively managed with just that one rule (and two exceptions).

And the Fractal Planner makes the process extremely intuitive, which means you'll spend more time working your plan, and less time wrestling with your planning system.

Which Planning Systems Does The Fractal Planner Work With?

The Fractal Planner is very effective whether you
  • Follow David Allen's advice in 'Getting Things Done'.
  • Follow Stephen Covey's advice in 'Seven Habits', or are looking for an online (and simpler) alternative to the Franklin/Covey planner.
  • Follow Tony Robbins' advice in 'Time of Your Life'.
  • Follow Eben Pagan's advice in 'Wake Up Productive'.
  • Don't have a system at all. (In which case, see the question before this one for a very simple and effective system)

Which Software Should I Use With The Fractal Planner?

We recommend using Google Calendar for scheduling. The combination of Google Calendar and Fractal Planner should meet all your personal planning needs.

Why Is Fractal Planner The Best Choice?

We believe that (in addition to scheduling with Google calendar or another calendar), there are 4 and only 4 things your planning tool should do:
  • Allow Fractal Task Management -- You should be able to break down any task further and further, as many levels as you want or need. And you should be able to show, hide, and rearrange what you want, so you can focus and frame your projects in the way that makes most sense to you.
  • Use the 3-list system -- You need a master plan, an active to do list (that pulls from your master plan), and a maybe later list. Fractal planner has these three main lists, which allows you to stay focused on what you need to get done in the short term, while not losing your goals for the long term.
  • Allow you to clear your mind -- The Fractal Planner has a 'clear mind wizard' that allows you to clear your mind, and get perspective, before resuming work. This is ideal for when things get a little fuzzy.
  • Allows you to build a library of often repeated lists -- the Fractal Planner has 'stock plans'. These are sub-projects you can insert anywhere into your master plan. This allows you to quickly add sub-projects you repeat often, so you make sure every step gets done, and you don't have to worry you're leaving anything out.

Is there a mobile app, or a desktop version of the Fractal Plannner?

No. The Fractal Planner is a web-based software tool. That means you can access it anywhere. And you may still access it from mobile devices through a web interface.

What happens to my information if I decide to unsubscribe?

You may export all your plans in a text-based outline before unsubscribing.

Is the Fractal Planner a full-featured project management tool?

No. The Fractal Planner is a personal project planning tool. At present there is no funcitonality for assigning tasks or tracking the work of multiple team members.

Will there be more questions in the future?

Most likely. Check back from time to time, and we might have new questions answered.

My question isn't answered here. May I get further help through email?

If parts of your life are overwhelming right now, then try the Fractal Planner . . .

You just take stuff that's on your mind and put it in the planner.

Then you start breaking things down as you naturally think about them.

The more you do this, the more you get things off your mind.

And the more you get things off your mind, the better you can think, and the less overwhelmed you feel!

And in the process of getting stuff out of your head like this, . . .

. . . you magically wind up with a very effective plan to work from as you perform your tasks and complete your projects.

Give it a shot. It's just $9.95/month, and you can cancel any time if it doesn't make you more productive and less stressed.

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